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|ˌpanəˈsēə| n. a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases

hi, my name is wasita


  • lately i have been viewing people in the binary cat vs. dog and even then i don’t know where i fit in because it’s always up to the other person and up to me to adapt
  • i am feeling a lot better about spending more time alone when i need to and i didn’t even need to watch “alone” by tanya davis this time. progress.
  • i say that i would much rather be the pursuer than the pursued because there is more power involved. but isn’t there more power in saying “no” when you can? and yet, as the one who pursues you have the ball in your court most (if not all) of the time. then, what about having doors slammed in your face on purpose on multiple occasions and not seeing the damage it could cause because you think you are “strong enough” to handle it? just because you can endure the pain doesn’t mean you should just take it. but… if pain is inevitable and suffering optional, then as long as you tell yourself you’re strong enough, you will be, right?